Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Beard

This is my beard, or at least what represents two week's worth of facial hair growth. The potential for an above average beard is there, I think, but my wife is having none of it.

Her rationale? Your face is too pretty to cover up with hair.

Pretty! Like I want to be pretty, of all things. Like I'm one of those metrosexual guys who shaves every square inch of his body. Girls are supposed to be pretty, for Pete's sake. If my wife wants to be pretty, I'm all for it, but keep that prettiness the heck away from me.

Anyhow, the beard has about 24 hours left to live. Then it's back to my regular old boring beardless face. I may never spend another two weeks apart from my gal, so I might as well immortalize it, my doomed beard, here.



Kid Shay said...

Any way you can hide the beard from Alex? Use newspapers, potted plants, cereal boxes...if she doesn't see the lower half of your face she'll never know.

StevenLink said...

Every time I've grown a beard, it was too itchy to keep! I've done goatees three times (twice plays) and a full beard twice (once for a play). I shaved the full beard the day after someone who didn't know me called me Abraham Lincoln.

Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

Someone called you Abraham Lincoln and you were compelled to SHAVE???


StevenLink said...

I wasn't trying to look like the 16th president; and if someone thought we had similar looks, not knowing we shared a last name, that was too much for me. I'm sure I looked much worse than Honest Abe.