Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tribe on the Verge!

Game 3. I was there. Second row on the first base line (thanks forever, Lauren). Never have I heard such noise in an open-air venue. And here was the loudest moment:

Other highlights:

Seeing the grass up close. Every blade is in place and perfectly groomed--so perfect it looks fake.

Jake Westbrook falling behind 3-0 to the most lethal hitter in the past 50 years (sorry Alex Rodriguez) and getting him to bounce into an easy, inning-ending double play. Manny Ramirez, by the way, is an imbecile.

Delicious Dormunder Gold. Jacobs Field, perhaps the greatest venue in baseball, wins bonus points for serving Great Lakes Beer.

1 million white towels waving.

Future star Asdrubal Cabrera knocking in a run like he was a ten-year vet.

Travis Hafner beating out a double play grounder, allowing the fourth and final run to score.

Rafael Betancourt mowing down the heart of the order.

Joe Borowski, 1-2-3.

Seeing it all with my old man.

One game later the Tribe has a 3-1 series lead. Time to put this team away NOW, at home and in rhythm. Do NOT let the momentum shift. The Red Sox have a history of climbing out of huge holes (remember the ALDS in 1999? The ALCS in 2005?), and they very easily could do just that.


Anonymous said...

Is it time yet to put this away now??

we here in Boston are waiting.

btw, anyone who needs a hanky to get themselves pumped up for an elimination playoff game should be immediately dismissed as Twin City knockoffs circa 1987.

the kiwi bird

On the verge said...

Glad the Indians realized they are from Cleveland...

Anonymous said...

Good series, Stabbone...the Tribe has got some dangerous talent & potential. Maybe even more than the 1997 team. My money is on them next year.

At least we can both agree that at least the Yankees didn't make it to the W.S. Now that would've been a horrific event!

aka the kiwi bird

HA HA said...

Cleveland's famous saying "Next year" ha ha bunch of losers. Choke artists!!!

Ryan Garko said...

Damn that champagne tastes good.

Jhonny Peralta said...

Look out Casey!!

Casey Blake said...

I thought I had it Jhonny

Joel Skinner said...

Stop Kenny!!!!!!!!!!

Kid Shay said...

My condolences to you.
You should still watch the World Series.

Waste of money said...

Hell of a postseason A-Rod. I mean Pronk!!!

Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

Hey, taunt away. I've been through this before and I'll go through it again. I am a Cleveland fan, and that means suffering.

Taunt said...

Ok, I am done now. Maybe C.C. should eat a few less cheeseburgers, put his hat on straight, and try coming through in a big game. What a waste of a post season. 12+ ERA from 2 "Cy Young candidates"...

Jeff Bowler said...

Cleveland Indians - Central Division champs - gave two largest payrolls in major league baseball more than they could handle. One less idiot 3rd base coach away from world series

Cleveland Cavs - Eastern Conference Champions

Cleveland Browns - 3-3 and best team we've had since Kosar era.

All three Cleveland teams are not only competitive but forces to be reckoned with. Including two of them battling for championships. Life is good in Cleveland.

Excuse me while I go prepare myself to watch the greatest player on earth begin his fifth season in the nba. By the way, he plays for the Cleveland Cavalier

DJ K SLATES said...

Jeff you are a funny guy. They didn't give the Sox more than they can handle. Obviously the Sox handled it. 3 games in a row. Times are good in Cleveland, if you like losing.